3 in 1 Kangaroo Hoodie

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Our 3 in 1 Kangaroo Hoodie is a very comfortable jacket to wear during your pregnancy, when carrying your baby and later as a normal casual jacket.

Our super stylish and practical kangaroo hoodie will keep you and your baby cozy in any weather conditions!

It's also great to have your arms free while being able to go shopping, tend to a sibling or do some light work while still bonding with your baby!

Forget about having to deal with the hassle of strapping on a baby carrier! Not only does this Kangaroo Hoodie look cute and awesome at the same time, but it also promotes bonding between mother and child by keeping the child close to the mom's body. Highly suitable for use especially in cooler weather.


  • 3 Different Ways to Wear It-- During Pregnancy, With Baby in a Sling or Baby Carrier, and as a Regular Hoodie
  • Look at the video below for more info about how to use it
  • Solid Pattern
  • Polyester Fabric 
  • We ship everywhere
  • Material: Cotton, polyester, acrylic
  • Available Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
  • Please look at the size chart before ordering (the Hoodies fit smaller than what it's listed, wear oversized!)
  • Shipment usually takes 10 to 20 days